I-75 Flea Market Not Far From Gainesville, almost in Ocala


Gainesville Florida is in short, easy accessible riding distance to the I-75 Flea Market at 4121 NW 44th Ave.  Going South down the interstate highway it’s a straight shoot down toward Ocala   The only other close by flea market is the Waldo Flea Market  Waldo is not a place with a quick highway you can travel 70 MPH on.  You don’t have to go into Ocala to get to the I-75 Market,  you get off at HIGHWAY 27 AND JUST GO WEST a couple of red lights and wa-la your at the 900 booth OCALA-GAINESVILLE I-75 SUPER-FLEA MARKET.  Just turn right off Hwy. 27 at the Winn-Dixie Shopping Center and go down a half mile.

For people who were around the University of Florida from 1977 to 2000, you probably remember RAY THE TRADER’S BOOKSTORE which was on 13th Avenue in Gainesville (Highway 441), just down the hill from the University of Florida. Well Ray is now on H Row at the I-75 Flea Market, and has been since 2004.  He welcomes his old customers from Gainesville.  He still TRADES EVERYTHING IN HIS STORE!  He has: antiques, collectables, books, records, comics and so much more!  http://raythetrader.wordpress.com



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